Service Oriented Architecture

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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)


The concept of “Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)” refers to a software architecture model that enables the growth of its maturity to improve the design, management and governability of the integration programs of apps and databases, helping to improve the customers’ response levels when they interact with information services of the business.

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SOA solutions are aimed to improve the way how the company can access right, timely business information as fast as possible through the effective interconnectivity of all the business’ apps and data.

MegaPractical has developed SOA practices in Panama, Mexico and Ecuador, specializing on the TIBCO’s technology platform, implementing several corporative projects on the Government, Finances and Telecom industries, and focused on optimizing business processes. MegaPractical has integrated microservices and API management to complement SOA corporative solutions in Latin America.

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By using SOA to manage your organization’s data, you will be able to significantly increase productivity, as well as have a great competitive edge on your market field.

If you wish to know how to use SOA to improve the functioning of your business or public sector organizations, you can download any of our Ebooks and Whitepapers without cost.








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Once your company has implemented a SOA, then it can correlate real-time events and data through its current and historical behaviors to anticipate opportunities and threats in the business during critical processes. This can be implemented using TIBCO’s Business Events platform.


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If it is possible to identify the drastic pattern changes of the behaviors of present events, why storage data to find out what happened in the past?


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Our Complex Event Processing solution based on TIBCO technologies allows you to catch, add, and analyze historic data in real-time (no matter its volume) to get contextual knowledge of it and act preventively.






el porque de un enterprise service bus

Enterprise Service Bus "ESB"


The platforms of business data interconnectivity is known as Enterprise Service Bus, or ESB. These platforms are aimed to those organizations that need to exchange great amounts of data within the members of the organization, as well as business partners and clients. ESB are part of the components needed to enable a Service Oriented Architecture


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It allows managing, publishing and governing all the information services of your business, ensuring the availability of the right information to any kind of information environment. MegaPractical uses TIBCO EMS as the strongest platforms to corporative business.


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If your organization has several technological environments and has not been able to speed up their integration process, consider using an ESB as part of your solution towards a Service Oriented Architecture Model.


MegaPractical has certified experience on implementing corporative projects that have integrated an ESB as part of its SOA solution.


MegaPractical has a proven methodology to implement a SOA maturity model to your organization, including an ESB as part as the technological solution.


How to use SOA to align processes and technologies into your business

A SOA starts with a simple concept: service. This allows you to introduce other ideas, like the ESB and service structure and virtualization, each of them being appropriate to a business’s architecture to bring benefits.

By implementing a Service Oriented Architecture you ensure a better performance of you business operations, better scalability, and time/costs savings.

A SOA is very useful since it gives a faster response and makes affordable changes, accorded to the market’s situation. It also simplifies the use of existing IT assets.

A SOA allows you seamless business information.

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SOA en la vida diaria

MegaPractical is TIBCO’s leading strategic partner in offering the best SOA platform in Latin America.

Our clients have successfully reached measurable improvement on the planned scheduled, ensuring the Return of Investment and a low Cost of Ownership on the solution they acquired with us. We invite you to know the details with these case studies.

Copa Airlines: Thanks to the SOA solution developed for this organization, its IT team has managed to solve their apps integrations to implement their new loyalty system with ease.

Mexican “Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores (CNBV, National Security and Banking Commissions)” has managed to improve their supervising process operations, supporting them on a SOA and BPM solution implemented in 2014.

MegaPractical provides professional services directly from the manufacturer, ensuring the best experience for the development and implementation of SOA and BPM solutions.


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5 “must-consider” tips to evaluate a SOA Solution

The SOA is nothing more than the architectural style designed for archiving a flexible attachment among several interactive systems. Today most organizations are implementing IT system in their various departments.

There are three very different ideas in the ample concept of SOA that can help you to fulfill the different requirements of the agility that provides a business integration model like a Service Oriented Architecture:

1. Service structure
2. Development based on modeling and virtualization of services.

Using a SOA allows you to create these services, but each one requires different support infrastructure. That is why you must know all the options to fully leverage SOA solutions.




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