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Cultura empresarial de negocios

Megapractical's Culture

In megapractical

MegaPractical’s business culture represents how we think about and face each challenge, and it becomes a reality by looking how our executives act, and their mentalities when reaching a common goal.

In MegaPractical, we have made a great effort in building our business culture, which allows us to have a creative and innovative culture. We consistently put in practice our values every day, and that distinguish us as an organization with a results-oriented culture.

Values of our culture:

1. Create and Share Knowledge: We create extraordinary results and transmit them for the benefit of the organization.
2. Loyalty: We always work for the benefit of the organization, since it will always be committed with every individual that collaborates with it.
3. Teamwork: We assume everyone is responsible of things missing to reach a common compromise and make things happen.
4. Compromise: Honoring my word tells who I am and makes me responsible of fulfilling my obligations with my team.
5. Everything is possible: I declare nothing is impossible by being open to vaious scenarios and possibilities, always giving more than it is required to accomplish them.
6. Customer Service: We make every contact with a Megapractical customer the best experience.

Our Practices:

“Let’s practice with the example”

In Megapractical, we are committed on keeping the best internal collaboration environment,
where we actively promote the adoption of the following practices:

Create and Share Knowledge:

1. I apply my initiative to create solutions.
2. I research, learn, and then share.
3. I focus on learning more
4. I share knowledge to make myself stronger.
5. I sponsor someone, and teach him/her everything I know.
6. I publish my accomplishments and knowledge on tibbr.
7. I can always teach something.


1. Speaking highly about MEGAPRACTICAL says how good I am.
2. I expose MEGAPRACTICAL’s opportunity areas as soon as I learn about them.
3. I experience these opportunity areas.
4. I judge the company.
5. I feel proud of being part of this team.
6. I defend the company with my life.
7. The company is part of my family.


1. I respect my partners.
2. I see the best of my collaborators.
3. I unconditionally support my partners if there is something missing.
4. I acknowledge my partner’s work.
5. I become part of the open requirements in tibbr.
6. I use Scrum in all my work.
7. I commit to and fulfill my responsibilities as a team player.
8. I always think how to bring results to my team.
9. My personal results are reflected on my team.
10. I learn from my teammates every day.


1. I honor my word by doing my work.
2. I acknowledge a partner every week.
3. I am a trustworthy person.
4. I fulfill all my compromises.
5. I learn something new every day.
6. My task is the most relevant in the company.

Services We Offer:

1. Integration solutions with a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) model to
facilitate your business processes.
2. Software Development that fits your needs, with the goal of making business
management easier.
3. Electronic Billing Solutions.
4. Inbound Marketing Methodology

Everything is Possible:

1. Against any problem, I commit myself to find an alternative solution as soon as
2. If I do not know something, I learn it and apply it.
3. There are no limits
4. I am willing to accept every possibility.
5. I try until I accomplish it.
Customer Service:
1. I am willing to give service at any moment.
2. I have the best service attitude in everything I do.
3. I am always at the customer’s disposal.
4. My work is the best service.
5. My main clients are my teammates.
6. I make sure that the people who want me have the best service experience.

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